Wind Telecommunications 
  Dog Walking 
"How far are you willing to go in order to gather money for your dream smartphone?"
This commercial begins with a girl riding her bicycle through a beautiful park.
For a moment we see her lost in her thoughts. She fantasizes herself
walking a dozen dogs which are dragging her all over the place.
While she sits down and takes a break, she is in despair.
A freeze frame along with a sound effect were used to separate reality from
fantasy - in this case the dog walking- and  to  furthermore give emphasis
to the narrator's question, which is the "key line" of the script.
Eventually, she chooses to go to a Wind shop where she can find smartphones
at extremely low prices.
It’s worth mentioning that the location's romantic atmosphere, the type of the
bicycle, her clothes along with the French song build her image and
enhance the romantic feeling.