Mix & Cook 
This commercial was inspired by the Greek movies of the 60's
(overdramatized and with a tone of exaggeration that
nowadays in many cases provokes laughter).
A housewife fails to reach her family's expectations because she can't cook.
As a result she has guilty thoughts. Thinks she is a bad wife and a bad
mother. In her head she hears the voices of her mother in law,
her husband, even her child's, accusing her of being useless.
The ad depicts that now she doesn't have to worry or risk her life
thinking of her cooking while driving.
"Mix and Cook" ready meals can satisfy even her mother in law.
This was a very technical shooting, combining back projection,
a studio with artificial rain and a wonderful Mercedes coupe back
from the early 50's. Gained a silver award at the Annual Greek Advertising
Festival, Ermis Awards (2009-Food and Beverages)